About Us

The Company. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

Kaizen Auto Glass Repair is a locally owned and operated independent auto glass replacement and repair shop. Situated on the Columbia River, just off of HWY 14 and exit 1 in Vancouver, Washington. We specialize in high quality auto glass replacements and repair of all makes and models. Including, but not limited to, Semi Trucks, RV’s, and Classic Cars.

We make it our personal mission to treat every vehicle the same, whether it be a high end vehicle or a hand me down. The word Kaizen (kai·zen [kahy-zen] (n): A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, and waste reduction.) on which we derived our name from, is why we believe the quality of work should never change. No matter what the price you pay is, we promise to do our BEST.

There are times, when unforeseen events happen. A rock hits your window, someone breaks into your vehicle, a a**hole vandalizes your car. These things happen and we are one of the company’s who will work with your situation.  We can assist with your insurance claim, we have flex pay options, etc

Call us today for a quote and see why we are one of the best auto glass shops in Vancouver, Washington Shop (360)-984-5849 Text 24/7 (971)-319-3119.